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We provide American Sign Language interpreters to facilitate communications for members of the D/deaf community.  The Americans with Disabilities Act requires public and private entities to consider the needs of people who are D/deaf and hard of hearing by providing effective communication – which may include interpreting services.  The ADA states that it is the responsibility of the business or organization to request and pay for an ASL interpreter – not the individual who is D/deaf or hard of hearing.  Emergency interpreting is available 24 hours a day.  


To request an interpreter, call us at (901)278-9307.  


To make the most of your time, please be prepared to provide:   

- Type of service (American Sign Language, Tactile Signing, live captioning)

Your name and contact information​

- The date, time, duration and address of the appointment

- The D/deaf consumer's name

- Purpose of appointment

- Preferred interpreter, if applicable

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