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We offer classes in American Sign Language for adults and children.  Our ASL classes introduce hearing people to the D/deaf world: not only their language, but also their culture. We offer three classes every spring and fall: ASL I, II and III. The ASL I and II classes are based on the popular college-level textbook series Signing Naturally.  Every summer we offer a conversation class for students who want to continue practicing between levels.  Our classes are taught through immersion. For us, that means three things: the instructor is a culturally D/deaf person who is natively fluent in ASL, we strongly discourage speaking during class time, and written English is kept to a minimum.  This arrangement is challenging, but research shows it is the most effective way to learn a language.  During COVID, we're offering classes virtually.  If you'd like to be notified when enrollment for our next session opens, contact us.  We'll resume in-person ASL classes when it's safe to do so.   

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